MEQNES : Alluring the Moroccan Traditions ! (VIDEO)

Every single one of our Meqnes bags is designed by extremely talented Moroccan artisans who understand the quality, aesthetic and promises we hold. These skilled artisans have been working for years in the traditional markets and understand the look and feel we are striving for.

Every stitch, buckle, color, zipper and handle has gone through a thorough check to ensure the traditions of Morocco are visible, in these bags which have been hand made with European leather. A simple look at the details of the Meqnes bag proves this to be true.

We use a three-step model to when it comes to creating and delivering our beautiful bags. First, our team hand-selects the materials for each weekender. Once the materials are selected, they are given to the skilled artisans we hire and they begin their magic. Once the bags are finished being hand-crafted, they are sent directly to you to enjoy.

To learn more about our mission, we invite you to watch the video below:


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