Dear Meqnes Family,

Bringing a Meqnes weekender on a trip with you is different than bringing other bags. It is like having another buddy around. It has its own energy.

It attracts people. It starts conversations. That’s why we love bringing it with us when we travel. But we also love to hear the feedback from people around the world at airports, train stations, on the street, at coffee shops. Every time we take our bag with us, we have 10 new ideas for new products.

So. We took our bag to Venice.

Meqnes black bullet

leather bag meqnes

leather bag weekenderVenice loved the bag.  The bag loved Venice. The City of Bridges made for an excellent backdrop for a couple of photos and we wanted to share them with you.

The more mileage the bag gets, the more character it develops.

We’ll be in touch soon.

Final stages of production and shipping are next.


Kama l& David.