Why invest in a luxury leather bag? Here is EVERYTHING you need to know!

Nowadays, if you need luggage, nothing could be easier – you can even find cheap suitcases in some supermarkets. So why invest the time and money in an expensive leather bag?

Believe it or not, luxury bags aren’t just a luxury. Sure, they look great, but that’s not the only reason to buy them. Here’s why investing in a quality leather bag is a great decision:

1. It will stay together.

Sure, you can easily find a cheap bag for your next trip. But how long do you expect it to last? Are you going to worry about it being banged, squished, and jostled during your trip?

When you invest in a bag made of quality leather, you’re buying durability. The best choice is full-grain leather, which is what our Meqnes bags are made of. This comes from the strongest part of the animal’s hide, and in addition to being resistant to just about anything a normal trip can throw at it, it’s the most moisture-resistant cut of leather, as well.

2. Built-in insurance.

Spend a little money on a bag and you may spend a lot of time worrying if it will hold up, and what you’ll do if it doesn’t. Most luxury leather bags, on the other hand, come with some kind of guarantee – often a lifetime warranty.

Meqnes bags, for example, are so well-made that we guarantee them against any issues with their material or workmanship.

3. A new family heirloom.

One of the great things about leather is that, if you take proper care of it, it can last for decades – maybe even longer. So if you’re thinking about buying a luxury leather bag, think of it this way: It’s not just for you – it could be for future family members, too.

4. A classic bag will always look classy.

But what good is a family heirloom if it doesn’t look fashionable?

If a bag is well- crafted and -designed, this shouldn’t be a problem. Take the Meqnes bag: It’s inspired by classic men’s travel accessories and modern-day sleek designs, for an overall timeless effect. We’d like to think that just as you can carry it onto your next international flight, your grandkids – or, okay, maybe great-great grandkids – will look just as stylish carrying it onto their interstellar flight.

5. A guarantee that you’re good to go.

You never know when you may have to make a last-minute, unexpected trip. It’s reassuring to know that you’ve got a stylish, sturdy, dependable bag waiting when you need it. If you care for and store it properly, a quality leather bag should be just as flexible and durable as the day you bought it.

6. Spend money to save money on travel.

Believe it or not, luxury can also go hand in hand with budget-friendly.

Nowadays, it’s increasingly expensive to have to check bags. With a dependable, quality bag, you won’t have to. A weekender size is perfect for a short trip: the right dimensions for carry-on, with plenty of space for all of your essentials.

Its supple leather allows for some give if you have to stow it into a crowded overhead compartment, and its durability means the little bumps along the way won’t damage its look or functionality.

7. Support local artisans and traditional techniques.

One of the reasons for luxury bags’ high prices is their quality and workmanship.

In some cases, the techniques that are used come from a long tradition; these bags essentially help provide traditional artisans with their livelihood.

This idea is one of the main reasons I co-founded Meqnes. I wanted to keep Moroccan leatherworking traditions alive and well, in a time when they’re increasingly threatened by mass-production.

The Meqnes bag combines European leather and traditional Moroccan techniques like vegetable tanning – that is, a centuries-old method of using tannic acids from plants and fruits to treat leather.

It’s our way to keep a proud tradition alive, and everyone who buys a Meqnes bag is contributing to that, as well. You can learn more about the inspiration behind our bags here.

8. Travel well, at any stage in your life.

Its durability and timeless style makes a luxury leather bag the perfect travel companion on any trip, at any stage in your life.

Whether you’re traveling with friends, family, solo, or with that special someone; whether your trip is for business, pleasure, or romance, a quality leather travel bag will make your trip easier, and make you feel more confident.

When you’re holding a stylish bag, instead of a worn out, unremarkable one, when you’re having conversations with people who ask about your luggage, you and your trip become even more special.

Some things are worth their price – or even more, because they’re priceless and can add to priceless memories. A luxury leather bag is one of those things.

If you feel the way I do, I hope you’ll consider our Meqnes bag for your new travel companion.

Its high-quality, durable, full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, and practical and timelessly stylish design are only some of its advantages.

We know that a great trip isn’t just the destination; it’s about the details. Travel with a Meqnes weekender also means trustworthy zippers, soft handles and shoulder strap, and a lifetime guarantee that our materials will hold up during all of your journeys.

The bag will be yours, but with it you’ll be connected to Moroccan artisans practicing centuries-old techniques. You’ll probably also find yourself meeting new people during your travels; over and over again, I’ve been asked about my bag. These questions have led to business connections, friendships, even some romance.

Whatever your travel plans are, wherever your journeys will take you, I hope you’ll take along a Meqnes.