Dear Friends,

We started Meqnes on a set of founding principles that we want to carry forward no matter what happens next… It’s like our little Meqnes constitution.

1.) We want to deliver only the most elegant, highest quality Moroccan-designed products to our customers.

2.) We want to have fun doing it.

3.) We want to create a true community between us and our customers. We want to know what you want more of and what you want less of.

So, we were getting ready to ship our first batch of bags, and we asked our genius videographer to follow us around to share the experience with you. It means everything to be able to hear from you and to be in touch with you all. This is just us trying to return the favor to you guys.

We hope you enjoy the video.

More soon. The exciting bit is that we actually just got back from a phenomenal meeting with our designers. We have at least three more beautiful products coming for you soon.

It’s been an emotional journey. Stay tuned. We’re just warming up 😉



PS. We got such an amazing feedback from you guys and we couldn’t be prouder. But if you haven’t done it already, please do leave us a feedback and why not send us some photos of your Meqnes 🙂 THANK YOU ❤️