Mission accomplished… But The Show Must Go On!

Well. That’s a pretty cool feeling. We did it. We’ve shipped our first run of Meqnes weekender bags.

The idea behind Meqnes—beautiful Moroccan-designed bags and European leather—was born less than a year ago. This is not easy for us to imagine right now. Last January, we sat in a Warsaw apartment, and soaked up the inspiration from a roomful of Moroccan leather products we had just brought back from every little town on the road from Rabat to Merzouga.

We sketched out a plan. We scoured Poland for the best leather. We sifted through the best hardware. We dreamt up designs with our friends who are the best leather artisans in Morocco.

With the assistance of an all-star team, we built a prototype.

Then something incredible happened…

A group of people from all around the world. (More than twenty countries), most of whom we had never met, rallied around our bag and our story, and said, “You need to make this happen, and we want to be a part of it.” Yes. That’s you.

Without you all, we could never have done it. You were our first supporters. We won’t forget that.

We have big dreams for Meqnes and are in the final design phases of three new products.

But the truth is, it is always nerve-racking in the first year of trying something new. You never really know what the feedback you’re going to get is—and trust us, we take feedback seriously, and read all of your comments carefully. We want to be the best. So this matters to us.

Here’s an example of what we’ve heard so far:

Wow it is BEAUTIFUL!!! The blue can almost pass for black so I’m very impressed! Next week I show the bag to a friend whose has a large family-owned leather manufacturer and also high end bag maker for contract to the biggies…family has a major presence in Italy and some other places in Europe (and NY of course!). I will post her comments here. The bag is perfect. It is truly well made and unique: the buckles and other metal parts are clearly first quality- substantial with good weight and satisfying chunky sounds for snapping the ends down. The leather is even and well cut. The “trick” used to construct a soft bag that holds its shape even when empty is also perfect and is not something to attempt unless…you REALLY know what you are doing. And if you do: an incredible bag that can’t be machined is created- and that IS what we got!! The stitching is folksy reminiscent of how leather is sewn in Morocco but the thread is much better quality. Totally well thought out. The belt is impressive too […]” — J.H.H, M.D.


Thank you for the beautiful navy-blue bag received in Malaysia today. You made somebody happy!” —P.MD


I got my bag today. I have sonbacked many project in kickstarter and many times I have been dissapointed. Not this time; It far exceeded my expectations. Your bag is so wonderful. It so nice that I’m hesitant should I use it at all…Everything there is perfect. Waiting for your bigger luggage” — L.R


Just received my bag, really fantastic, very pleased with it. Now I just need to book a train journey worthy of the luggage…” — P.C



It means the world to us to have received such praise right from the start. We are humbled by your words. They also inspire us to want to keep improving, growing and dreaming.

As we get back to work on our next projects, please know of our deep gratitude to each one of you.

Stay in touch and send pictures!