The Best Places To Take Your Weekender Bag

As someone who travels a lot, I’ve had many suitcases and bags over the years.

Some were better than others, but all of them left me wanting something more. In those lingering moments between flights or while waiting for a train or taxi, I’d often wonder why none of my bags did anything to enhance my style or confidence.

Sure, it’s not the most essential part of what luggage should be about, but nothing can come close to feeling like you look good. It gives you a sense of control, of calm – and who doesn’t want that when they’re caught up in the unpredictability and chaos of getting from one place to another? Looking good also means more opportunities. It can lead to business deals, great conversations, even meeting your soulmate.

I wanted my luggage to work for me, and so I decided to do something about it.

Our Meqnes weekender is the first result of that. It’s small enough to fit into overhead compartments, but spacious enough for you to fit all of your essentials inside. It’s made of Moroccan leather, which is known for its quality and durability, as well as its beauty. Available in two colors (bullet black and Sahara brown), the Meqnes weekender combines the aesthetics of old-school men’s travel bags, with the sleekness of modern-day fashion. Carry it with you on your short trips, and you’ll feel confident and cool.

Now you know a great bag to take with you on your next adventure, but what if you don’t know where that will be? If you’re in need of some travel inspiration, here are some of my favorite places for a quick getaway:

– Marrakesh

Djemaa el fna, Marrakech

Marrakesh has a trendy cachet, but to me it’s the simple constants that make it such an amazing place: the sun, the atmosphere, the architecture, the warmth of the people. Get lost in the enormous souks (markets), where you’ll find everything from savory spices, to beautiful fabrics. Explore the city and take in its monuments, then relax in a luxurious hammam, and head off to dinner in a trendy restaurant, or try street food in the lively Djemma El-Fna. Finish at the luxurious riad you booked to stay in.

– Goa

I love Goa’s mix of cultures, not to mention its gorgeous beaches. The people are friendly, and there’s lots to do, from basking in the sun, to kitesurfing, or visiting spice plantations inland. There are so many ways to have a great trip in Goa, including where you stay. That could be a beach bungalow, or a luxury hotel with a pool overlooking a breathtaking landscape.

– San Juan (Puerto Rico)

San Juan is beautiful, warm, full of vibrant people, and plenty of things to do – especially at night. By day, you can hang out on the beach, visit the sites, go shopping, and so on. But when night falls, grab a delicious meal and then head out on the town. Clubs, casinos, dancing, parties – it’s all there, all for you, just about all night long. Even if you just want to hang out at your hotel, the lobby might be hosting something cool, too – you never know what will happen in San Juan.

– Paris

Whether you’re on your own or with your significant other, Paris will become the love of your life. It’s a beautiful city that’s also a lot hipper than you’d expect. Definitely do the things you’ve always dreamt of – go to the top of the Eiffel Tower (and even ice skate on its 1st-floor rink in the winter), see amazing art at the Louvre, take a cruise down the Seine, and savor a drink at a café terrace. But also use the opportunity to check out some unusual things on offer. Like how about having a drink at an ice bar, or wandering through bone-lined catacombs deep beneath the streets? Top it all off with a night at one of the city’s many unique nightlife spots, including restaurants, bars, cabarets, and clubs on boats docked on the Seine.

– Rome

Italy is known for its stylish leather goods, so you’ll fit in perfectly as you carry your Meqnes bag through the wide, charming streets of its unforgettable capitol city. Check out Rome’s ancient marvels (the Coliseum may seem cliché, but it’s got its reputation for a reason), charming neighborhoods (a stroll through the Trastavere is a must), delicious food, and eclectic nightlife (like any capitol city, Rome has just about everything on offer, from classy clubs, to grungy punk venues).

– London

London has always had its own special vibe. I personally love its contrasts. You’ve got the constant buzz of the City business district and its trendy, upscale bars. But you can also tuck into a cozy corner pub in a more low-key neighborhood, for the ultimate British experience. There’s so much to do in one weekend here, but my personal favorites would be trying the amazing Indian food and intriguing local fusion cuisine. Other must-do’s: head to the Tate Modern for some mind-blowing contemporary art, and stroll through Portobello Road market in search of an amazing find. At night, you’ll never run out of restaurants, clubs, or events. Oh, and if you’ve got the time and budget, why not invest in a bespoke suit from Savile Row?

– Tokyo

Every time I go to Tokyo, I feel like I’m in another world. There’s so much energy and movement – and then, you duck into a garden or temple complex, and you’re utterly at peace. I love shopping for souvenirs and always find tons of restaurants to try out. And nightlife here is never lacking, either. However you experience Tokyo, you’re sure to come away from it with the feeling that you’ve had an unforgettable, incomparable visit.

– New York

It’s amazing how many people dream of seeing New York City – and I think they’ve got a point. The Big Apple has an intriguing rushed, “time is money” feel, mixed with an appreciation for the smaller things, like street food and green spaces. If you head to Manhattan, make sure you check out at least one of the city’s museums or galleries, and sample whatever the latest trendy food is – not to mention a slice of famous New York pizza, which you can find throughout the city. And then of course there’s shopping, seeing the huge lit-up signs in Times Square, relaxing a bit in Central Park…. Besides the iconic stuff, you also have lots of small parties, nightlife, and pop-up events to choose from, so check out what’s on before you go.

– Warsaw

Warsaw is my current home city, and I love so much about it. It’s the “Sphinx City”, born from the ashes of World War II. It’s also, for me, “the city never sleeps”. The Poles are ambitious, hardworking, and respect fellow hard-workers. But don’t worry – Warsaw is also a fun place, with great nightlife and parties. My favorites are the clubs in the Śródmieście district, where you have to look stylish – not sloppy, not sporty – to get in.

– Home away from home.

Sometimes getting away isn’t easy – or possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still take a vacation. See if you can stay in a local hotel or rental, or just venture as far as you can from your home base. There’s probably something interesting, beautiful, or fun to discover even half an hour from where you are.

Whatever adventure you choose for your short trip, the Meqnes weekender will fill all your needs, with its stylishness, strength and practicality. Its soft leather straps will go easy on your hands (or shoulder) as you carry it through transport, transfers, and the place you’re staying. Its zipper will hold, no matter how rough things get. And above all, you’ll have a bag that will keep you feeling like a sophisticated, savvy gentleman traveler, whether it’s your first trip, or your fortieth. So plan your next weekend getaway feeling a little more carefree: when it comes to what bag to take, we’ve got you covered!

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