Meqnes Gift Set

Meqnes Gift Set


At Meqnes, we believe in making the mundane stylish, the everyday extraordinary. And we believe that this is at the heart of an unforgettable gift.

Our Limited Edition Gift Sets are here to help you celebrate your special bond with loved ones, and carry a connection no matter where you are.

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Whenever he brought his grandfather's vintage weekender along, Kamal was stopped multiple times at the airport -- not for extra security screening -- but from gentlemen asking him where he got his bag.  An idea was born: to create high quality men’s leather goods that turns heads and makes an unforgettable impression. Meqnes is born.


Kamal and David shoot a glamorous crowdfunding video that takes the internet by storm. In just thirty days, they raise $50,000 on Kickstarter. The dream becomes a reality.


The Meqnes team designs 7 new products which are once again successfully funded on Kickstarter.


After mastering the world of men’s travel bags, the Meqnes team decides to focus on small details:  beautiful handcrafted leather accessories like laptop sleeves and card holders that combine classic style and modern taste.

The Evolution

In our never-ending quest to evolve and grow, the Meqnes team decides to introduce a Street Loungewear Collection to meet the consumer demands. Our mission is still the same: To offer unique, high-quality designs, to continue the journey of building the biggest lifestyle brand from Morocco, and most importantly, to spread love and elegance around the world.