At Meqnes, our mission is to…

…add style and elegance to the everyday.

In good and bad times, we believe a little bit of beauty can make things better. Even small, functional objects like keyrings and laptop cases can be sleek, elegant, and eye-catching.

We firmly believe the right accessory can change your life. Maybe it’s the impression you’ll make on others. But most importantly, it’s that boost of confidence it will give you as you wear or carry it with you no matter what your day holds.

…preserve and revitalize the artistic heritage of Morocco.

Our founder, Kamal Jahid, grew up in Meknes, Morocco, and has always been passionate about his country’s traditional crafts, like high quality leather and zellij tiles.

No matter where he traveled, he kept some of his homeland in his heart. When he founded Meqnes, he dreamt of combining these traditions with modern fashion and style.

This is why you’ll find our unique Meqnes motif, inspired by zellij tiles, lining many of our products and starring in others, like our silk scarves. It’s why we use the centuries-old method of vegetable tanning to color our leather. Even our logo is inspired by the old gates of Meknes, the city from which we take our name.

We want to share the artisanal traditions of Morocco beyond borders and outside of places you’d usually expect to find them.

…embrace diversity, inclusion and individuality, in culture and fashion.

Meqnes is a company founded by a Moroccan and an American, when they were living in Poland. To us, this says it all. We are about crossing borders - geographical borders and especially those that have been created by prejudice.

We believe fashion is for all people, regardless of where they live, what they believe, who they love, or what they look like. We design our unique accessories to help you show your inner glow to the world, proudly and with style.