People around the world have fallen in love with our Meqnes Solidarity Safety Masks in five color schemes.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re adding 3 NEW colors to our Camo Collection letting you stay safe while expressing even more shades of your style!

Meqnes Solidarity Safety Camo Masks: Blend in…but not too much

Camo Face Mask "Black and White Battle"

Whether you’re on a mission in a snowy landscape or navigating a concrete cityscape, our Black and White Battle Solidarity Safety Mask will keep you safe and stylish in our crazy world.

Camo Face Mask "Through the Leaves"

Whether you’re fighting through the forest of life or simply hanging back and taking in the view from behind the trees, our Through the Leaves Solidarity Safety Mask will keep you safe and stylish.

Camo Face Mask "True Blue"

The color blue is known for its soothing qualities. In the battle we’re facing now, that’s something we definitely need. The True Blue Solidarity Safety Mask features a camo pattern in four shades of blue, for extra soothing power…and a great way to match with whatever you’re wearing.

Like our original five masks, the new Meqnes Solidarity Safety Masks are handmade in Warsaw, Poland, using 100% premium cotton with OEKO-TEX standard 100.

And we continue our pledge with our new masks: For every item purchased, we will donate one to vulnerable groups in our local community.

Come discover our 3 new Safety Solidarity Mask color schemes, our way of continuing to help you shine, even in hard times.