4 reasons why a Meqnes belt makes a great holiday gift

The holiday season is here 🎄🎁

Beautiful decorations and good wishes are in the air. If you’re looking for a gift that will make that special someone smile as brightly as holiday lights, we think a Meqnes belt would make the perfect present.

- Useful and elegant

The best kind of gift is one that combines functionality with beauty and luxury. In fact, that’s one of our guiding principles at Meqnes: to elevate the everyday to the extraordinary through style.

A Meqnes belt does the job of any belt, while being sophisticated and unique. Made of 100% Italian leather, our belts are available in colors that range from practical to eye-catching - sometimes on the same belt, since each one is reversible.

The Meqnes belt buckle is where things really shine. Inspired by our company logo, it’s an utterly unique, eye-catching touch.

- Making the expected unexpected

Belts are a staple of most people’s wardrobe, and most people’s belts reflect that. They’re utilitarian, and even dull. We wanted our Meqnes belts to be more than that.

They’re a way for that special someone to explore new looks, and to actually enjoy putting on their belt.

- Opening up worlds of fashion possibilities, while celebrating their signature style

A gift can be comforting and familiar, or totally new - but what if you could combine both?

Our belts come in standard colors, but also some your special someone may not have considered. Their reversible nature lets the wearer go with what they’re feeling that day.

Maybe one morning they feel like wearing black, while the next it’s an eye-catching red. Add interchangeable gold and silver buckles and you’ve got countless styling possibilities, a belt for just about any occasion.

- Made to be gifted

When you buy a Meqnes belt, you’re buying a legacy of quality, of the tradition of Moroccan leather craft and global nature and contemporary styles of our modern world. You’re buying endless fashion possibilities and a totally unique look. What better gift than all of this?

And as a finishing touch, Meqnes belts come in a beautiful box just asking to be opened and enjoyed. All you have to do is add the wrapping paper.


Browse our Meqnes belt collection for the perfect present for that someone special.

You can take things even further by choosing our Belt Gift Set, which features one reversible belt and a gold and silver interchangeable buckle, for even more styling possibilities.

Happy and Stylish Holidays from all of us at Meqnes!


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