Meqnes has been featured in the November issue of Vanity Fair

Dear Meqnes Family,

Elegant, fascinating, unforgettable…. Those are the words we keep in mind when we create our Meqnes products. They’re also the perfect words to describe the iconic magazine Vanity Fair.

The similarities don’t end there. We’re thrilled to announce that Meqnes is featured in the November 2021 issue of Vanity Fair’s UK edition.

You’ll find us included in The Style Brief section, with a description that includes the statement “Meqnes boasts artisanal silhouettes that are timeless, chic and versatile”.

vanity fair meqnes

With that phrase, Vanity Fair’s writers have perfectly captured our goals at Meqnes: to create stunning accessories that can be worn and used in all sorts of situations, by all sorts of people. We want timeless elegance to be accessible to everyone, because wouldn’t it be great to live in a more stylish world?

Our appearance in Vanity Fair isn’t the only exciting news we want to share with you.

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing some new products!

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We hope that you’re also having an exciting and stylish autumn.

Times are still hard in many ways, but we believe that a little bit of beauty can put a bright spot in dreary days and remind us of good times. And as things get better and we’re able to live a little more like we did in the past, what better way to face the world than with hope in your heart and some beautiful and unforgettable accessories to lift your spirits?

Whether you want to add some additional elegance to your style or you’re already looking for the perfect holiday gifts, Meqnes has got you covered, with our signature leather bags, eye-catching leather laptop sleeves, card holders, and key rings, and our stunning silk scarves and breathable cloth masks in patterns that will leave an impression on even the chilliest gray day.

Happy Autumn!

Yours in Style,