Think cloth masks won’t help? Here’s where you’re wrong #WearaDamnMask


The COVID-19 pandemic affected your life in some really crappy ways. Now, everything is getting back to normal – and they want you to wear a mask?

Why experience the world again without total freedom? And anyway, a non-medical mask won’t really protect you, right?

We get it – but you’re wrong.

We’ve been told so many different things over the past months. But there is one thing that’s just common sense: Wearing a cloth mask may not guarantee you won’t get coronavirus, but it does provide a barrier between you and other people.

Most of your spit, snot, and anything else coming out of your nose or mouth will be absorbed into the cloth and won’t get into someone else’s face or lungs.

Now imagine that everyone thought this way. That’s multiple layers of fabric between your mouth and nose, and the mouths and noses of other people.

So it turns out that wearing a mask isn’t to protect yourself, but to protect other people. And if we all do it, we can significantly stop the spread of the virus.

Superheroes aren’t the only ones who wear masks when fighting their enemies.

Yeah, you might be thinking, but most superheroes don’t have their mouths and noses covered. How are you going to breathe?

That’s all in your head, my friend. Face masks are made of breathable material.

Wear a Damn Mask!

Sure, there’s still something covering your mouth and nose, but it’s fine sheets of cotton. It may be a bit hard to breathe if you’re doing heavy physical activity, but if you’re sitting or standing around somewhere, or walking at a normal pace, it’s going to be okay.

But maybe it’s something else. You might be totally aware of everything in this article so far, but not want to wear a mask because it feels like a muzzle. No one can see your full facial expressions. And you’re wearing the same accessory as everyone else.

Well, that’s where we come in. Meqnes was founded on the principal of style and elegance in everyday life, and in our new normal, that includes face masks.

Printed with our signature Meqnes mosaic pattern, our face masks come in a breathable 100% Premium Cotton with OEKO-TEX standard 100 cotton and your choice of 5 color schemes. There’s even our Simply Black model for days when you want comfort and sophistication but a bit more subtlety.

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Wear A damn Mask

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Wearing a mask is a “must” if we want to stop the spread of coronavirus and keep life as close as possible to what it was before. We believe this so strongly that for each mask purchased, we donate a mask to a vulnerable person in our community here in Warsaw, Poland.

And we also believe that safety doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Instead of looking at wearing a face mask as a chore, see it as another way to express yourself through styling.

How about matching the colors in your mask’s motif with something else you’ve got on? For instance, wear red socks on the day you wear our red and burgundy mask, for some bright and unexpected pops of color.

We get mask selfies from customers around the world who’ve had their lives transformed by wearing our masks.

They may not be as classic as a smile, but their colors show the world that the person behind the mask has a personality and a lot to share.

Turn heads and stay safe. #WearaDamnMask

Much love,

Kamal & The Meqnes Team

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