Silk Scarf - Gilded Brown


Brown is usually considered neutral, but we think it’s anything but. In our Gilded Brown Meqnes Scarf, two shades of the color strikingly set off dynamic gold lines, leaving an unforgettable impression – just like you will.

Our 100% Italian silk, 14 mm twill scarf features our signature Meqnes mosaic pattern in an accessory that marries comfort and timeless style.

The scarf’s rectangular shape and 33X180 cm length makes it perfect for draping over the lapels of your jacket or coat. Or let the soft fabric gently brush your shoulders when you pair it with a summer or formal dress.

  • Color - Brown
  • Size - 33 x 180 cm
  • Fabric - 100% silk
  • Made in Italy
  • Pattern - Meqnes Mosaic
  • Free Gift Packaging
  1. They’re incredibly versatile. 

You can wear a scarf draped over your shoulder, neatly folded over your lapel, knotted in comfortable or complicated ways around your neck, covering your head, or tied in your hair. You can even wear a scarf around your waist, wrist, or tied on or around your hat or bag. Each one of these choices adds a different, special something to your look.

  1. They liven up even the most boring ensemble.  

We’ve all got those outfits that we feel a little drab in. Maybe it’s something you have to wear for work or a particular occasion. Maybe it’s something a well-intentioned loved one got you as a gift. Or maybe it’s something you picked up on sale or at a thrift store, seeing its potential, but now you’re not really sure how to draw that out. A scarf is the answer to all of these fashion quandaries. The right color and placement can make your outfit go from blah, to beautiful.

  1. They’re practical. 

Feeling chilly? Tie a scarf around your neck or drape it over your shoulders. Not sure if you’ll get cold later? Fold your scarf easily into your bag or coat pocket and take it with you just in case. 

  1. They instantly upgrade what you’re wearing. 

Add a scarf to even the most ordinary outfit and your style is instantly upgraded. Imagine, for example, you’ve got on jeans and a t-shirt. Adding scarf makes this everyday look unique and elegant, just like you.

  1. They let you show your best side. 

Maybe it’s your unique sense of style. Maybe it’s your colorful personality. Maybe you love colors that bring out your complexion or eyes. Scarves are a perfect, easy way to showcase all of these things.

  1. They expand your wardrobe. 

Some accessories can completely change your look, and scarves are at the top of that list. For instance, wearing a dark peacoat with our Meqnes Gilded Brown scarf gives sober, elegant vibe. Now, change that scarf out for our Sunny Red version – suddenly, you’ve got a colorful glow and a lively mood, without having to invest in another coat.

  1. They’re beautiful. 

There’s something dramatic about a scarf blowing in the wind, something undeniably classy about a scarf neatly folded and draped over a lapel. There’s something wonderful about a scarf folded with seemingly carelessness around someone’s neck, bringing out their joyful face. 

Not only are scarves beautiful to the eyes; they can also be beautiful to the touch. That’s why we chose to make our Meqnes scarves out of 100% silk. You can enjoy their smooth softness as you put them on, take them off, and whenever your hands happen to brush over them during the course of your day. Or maybe not “happen to”. You may find it hard to resist touching your scarf from time to time just because. We get it.

For a relatively small piece of fabric, scarves add so much to what you’re wearing, and to what you’re projecting to the world. Check out our new Meqnes scarves, available in four colors, and let your style inspiration flow like silk.

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