As we created our new series of Meqnes scarves, we couldn’t help thinking about what we love most about this fashion accessory. For us, the power of silk scarves comes down to three words:

Chic. Elegant. Unforgettable.

Chic: There are so many ways to style and wear a scarf. Even when you’re not in front of your mirror at home, you can change your look by placing your scarf somewhere else. Go from a notable knot around the neck to a belt around your waist, for instance.

Elegant: Silk scarves always elevate your look, taking even the simplest ensemble to a new level of unexpected elegance. Imagine, for example, jeans and a white t-shirt. Now, add a silk scarf with an interesting pattern and color. Whether it’s worn around your neck, waist, wrist, or in your hair, that silk scarf has just taken a basic look and made it eye-catching.

Unforgettable: The perfect scarf will catch people’s eyes and leave a lingering impression, like silk floating on a breeze. The right colors and pattern can say so much about you. Maybe you’re the strong, silent type, or maybe you’re outgoing and bubbly. Maybe you love luxury, or maybe you like to keep things simple. Our

Meqnes scarves will not only convey that message; they’ll stay with people long after you’re out of sight.