Leather is a natural, living material that requires a sensitive touch. It can be prematurely damaged if not cared for properly. Over time it changes and acquires a patina: this natural wear takes the form of color and texture variations that give leather its character and enhance its authenticity.

Below are some care instructions for prolonging the life of your bag!

- Keep leather out of direct heat/sunlight for prolonged periods of time so it doesn’t dry out, crack or fade unevenly.

- Certain types of exposure (sun, moon, liquid or greasy substances) and climate variations can cause leather to age prematurely. Dust can also be abrasive. You should therefore keep your bag in its protective cover, away from light and moisture, in a clean, dry and ventilated place.

- If you do not use it for an extended period, make sure you take it out and aerate it from time to time and polish it, either with a clean, soft cloth.

- Above all, avoid contact with water. If your bag gets wet, wipe the leather immediately with a soft tissue to absorb the liquid. Bad weather, humidity can damage the leather irreversibly. Try not to expose your bag when it rains. If you do get caught in bad weather, always dry the bag immediately after with a fresh, dry cloth or any cotton material that you have with you.

- Keep the bag away from any heat sources. The use of an electric dryer or other similar heat sources can damage the leather. Also, extended long-term exposure to sunlight can cause irreversible color fading.

- To prolong the lifespan of the bag, it’s best to store the bag inside its cloth sack.

- To avoid color transfer onto light materials, clean the bag and the strap using a dry cotton cloth.

- Avoid carrying heavy objects, as they may deform the bag and stretch the leather.