Get rid of that stuffed wallet and slide into the sleek sophistication of a card holder

Imagine this: You’re meeting with a potential client. Your look is impeccable. Your clothes and accessories give just the right impression. Over lunch at a fashionable restaurant, you negotiate your terms with ease and intelligence.

Then the bill comes.

You take out your wallet. But instead of it being as sharp-looking as the rest of you, it’s an enormous hunk of what might be leather. The material is bulging with its contents, so that it’s a distorted mass.

Or maybe yours is cloth, straining and tattered at the seams. Whatever it’s made of, it’s like you’ve given your client a glimpse of something unsightly. Maybe you’re not as put-together as they thought you were.

Fat Ugly Wallet

Here’s another scenario...

You’re on your first date with someone who makes your heart beat like no one else.

The dinner is perfect – the food and drinks are great, the conversation even better, and the chemistry is hotter than the ovens in the kitchen.

The bill comes and you take out your wallet, your eyes locked with your beloved across the table. You break contact just for a moment to look for your credit card…where is it in there….?

Your date glances down and sees a dirty-looking lump full of cards and receipts, ticket stubs, everything just sticking out all over the place. It’s almost as bad as them seeing you in dirty underwear.

you vs the guy she told you not to worry about

When you think about it, the wallet is one of the most innovative accessories around.

It’s a small object that lets you carry the essentials of your life with you. But over time, some of us have lost that “small” concept.

Today, many men and women suffer from SWS – stuffed wallet syndrome.

Do you?

SWS isn’t just an aesthetic issue: a fat wallet can affect everything from the image you project, to the condition of your clothes, and even your health.

Some of the symptoms of SWS are easy for those afflicted to recognize (if they’re willing to acknowledge them, that is). But others are more subtle, like how that ugly, bulging accessory is taking some of the glow off the good impression you’re making.

Let’s talk about some other symptoms.

Do you have a back pants pocket that’s worn out? The seams towards the top are struggling to stay attached. Maybe some have come undone completely.

Are you stressed whenever you get to the cash register because you have to desperately pick through the contents of your stuffed wallet to find your credit card?

How’s your back? Doctors and scientists have been telling us for years that fat wallets can cause back issues. They have an actual name for this: wallet neuropathy, or, for the layperson, “fat wallet syndrome”.

Countless studies have shown that sitting on that stuffed wallet in your back pocket all day can cause problems ranging from lower back pain, to sciatica. Even if a fat wallet doesn’t get on your nerves as a fashionable person, it will damage them.

If you carry your wallet in a purse, sorry, but you haven’t eluded health problems. Heavy purses can cause back and muscle pain, and possibly headaches, as well.

Okay, so a stuffed wallet can totally kill the vibe you’re giving off. It can wear out your clothes, make it hard to find what you need fast, and even take some hits at your health.

You need a card holder

card holder

Unlike wallets, card holders keep your important cards in individual slots, which means it’s easy to find what you need, and to take it out without anything else trying to come along for the ride.

Also unlike wallets, card holders don’t have a cover; they’re a flat piece of material with slots on either side. This may sound unexciting, but you’d be surprised. In fact, in a moment, we’re going to make our big reveal.

But for now, let’s get back to card holders in general. Because they don’t have a cover, they’re thin instead of bulky. You can’t have SCHS (stuffed card holder syndrome) because the naturally small slots and limited space means you won’t accumulate the usual wallet detritus.

This, in turn, means less strain on your pocket, and even more importantly, no pain when you sit on it. In fact, we recommend putting it in your front pocket, where it’s easier to reach and safer from anyone else’s hands.

Relocating your wallet is now an easy thing to do, since it won’t make an unsightly bump or bulge.

Not a wallet-in-the-pocket person to begin with?

A cardholder means that you’ll have to have less cards and other detritus in your purse, which means your bag will be lighter.

You’re probably thinking about buying a card holder now. But which one to choose?

We proudly recommend our very own Meqnes card holder. In addition to the advantages that any card holder will give you, ours is:

Card holders

  • a four-slot card holder with a small pocket for change, the inevitable receipt, or anything else worth holding onto.
  • made of real leather. No synthetic material that won’t give when it comes to fitting your cards into the slots. Nothing that looks cheap or artificial.
  • worked into an alligator/snake style pattern, for a touch of luxe and excitement.
  • available in a choice of five colors: blue, brown, burgundy, black, and green. Choose your favorite, or match it with your favorite ensemble.

Your card holder’s color could also match the color of your other essential accessories – a bag, scarf, tie, or piece of jewelry, for example.

Or it could reflect a shade of your company’s logo. Go with whatever inspires you and inspires you to feel more confident. An instant little note of style that will stick in people’s minds, which is a plus in any situation – professional or personal.

The Meqnes card holder is perfect for me!” you might be thinking, “but how do I go from stuffed wallet to sleek card holder?

Start by taking stock of what you’ve got in there. By actually looking, you’ll probably find cards you don’t always use, receipts and other scraps that can be thrown away, and even some expired promotional cards (what a shame).

Any business cards that have been piling up can easily be input into your phone.
Next, think about your typical day.

What do you actually use?

Most of us probably have some form of ID we take everywhere, as well as a credit card or two, and maybe some kind of membership card. It’s always useful to have some cash, as well.

Leave the rest of your stuffed wallet’s contents in an accessible place, and on the rare or specific day you need another card, take it along.

Sure, it’s a big change. But aren’t improved health and self-confidence worth it?

card holder

Let elegance into your life

Let’s picture those two scenarios again.

You’re at lunch with a client. Your clothes are impeccable, your conversation on point.

The bill comes and you pull out your Meqnes card holder. The sleekness of the design and the color that complements your outfit or bag go perfectly with the image you’ve been projecting. Maybe they even enhance it.

You effortlessly find your corporate credit card and pay, showing an ease, confidence, and elegance that’s exactly what you want your client to remember.

Now, you’re on that date with that special someone.

Everything’s going perfectly. The bill comes and you take out your Meqnes card holder.

The pattern in the leather and the unusual color catch your date’s eye.

As you smoothly slide your credit card out of its slot, your gold-embossed name on the card holder flashes for a moment like a little ray of light.

Just another way you’ve made yourself unforgettable.

Imagine: No more SWS. No more fumbling for the card you need. No more carrying around a misshapen, heavy blob. No more bad back.

Instead, you’ve got a Meqnes leather card holder: comfort and convenience, all wrapped up in smooth, elegant, unforgettable style.