Here's to new beginnings: A message from Kamal Jahid, CEO and Co-Founder of MEQNES

Dear Meqnes Family,

From the day we began creating and selling our bags, Meqnes has been about craftsmanship and elegance, about functionality and sleek, unique style.

We’ve been honored by how many people have fallen in love with our vision. The idea that our bags are turning heads in airports and train stations around the world never stops inspiring us.

This is what is at the heart of Meqnes.

But like many people, as time goes on, we find ourselves wanting to focus on the little things.

We’ve made the bags -- what about what’s inside of them?

What if we could elevate small, functional objects like wallets, keyrings, belts, and desk pads to sleek, sophisticated accessories that add a notable touch of style to a person’s look?

What if these ordinary things could be an opportunity to get people talking?

card holders by meqnes

Made of snake embossed Italian leather, available in 5 unforgettable colors, able to be personalized with elegant gold embossed lettering, our card holders, keyrings, belts, and desk pads transform mundane gestures like finding your credit card, unlocking your door, getting dressed in the morning, and getting down to business, into stylish moments.

Of course, this elegance goes beyond appearance. We’re in love with fine craftsmanship, the same that goes into creating our bags. We use only quality 100% leather imported from Italy and lovingly worked in our headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, home to skilled leather workers for generations.

With their combination of style and quality, our Meqnes card holders, keyrings, belts, and desk pads add elegance to the ordinary.

Our love of vintage bags and men’s accessories will always be at the heart of Meqnes. Our vintage collection is where we started and will always be a hallmark of our company.

But we’re excited about this new direction and new adventure. We hope you’ll fall in love with these small, finer things in life the same way we have.

Let’s go back to basics – with a little style for good measure.

Much love,
Kamal and the Meqnes team.