We’re thrilled to announce the Meqnes Kids Solidarity Safety Masks

Dear Meqnes Family,

When we began making our best-selling Solidarity Safety Masks, our goal was to help as many people as possible stay safe…and stylish. 

But we realize that someone wasn’t included in that: kids

Although our mask model is based on an adult’s face, customers told us that they were making alterations so that their kids could have their own Meqnes masks, too.

We appreciate this initiative, but we wanted to do something about that, ourselves. And so...

We’re thrilled to announce the Meqnes Child’s Solidarity Safety Mask.

11 centimeters long by 16 centimeters wide,  these masks are available in a limited run of 100 in each of four color schemes, so that kids can let their budding sense of style shine: Bubblegum Fun, Gilded Brown, Sunny Red, and Blue Mosaic.

Like our adult masks, Meqnes Child’s Solidarity Safety Masks are made of 100% Premium Cotton with OEKO-TEX standard 100. They’re double-layered, reusable, and washable (always a plus for kids’ accessories in general, not only during a pandemic ). 


The Kids masks are available on our online store

Here at Meqnes, we often find comfort and inspiration in expressing our sense of style.

It’s not a vaccine or simply an end to these crazy times, but we hope that wearing our Meqnes Child’s Solidarity Safety Mask in colors they love will help make these scary times a little easier for kids, and inspire them to continue expressing themselves and seeking out life’s colorful moments.

With Love,

Kamal and the Meqnes Team