How to choose your face mask color

If you’re reading this, then like us you’ve probably decided to see face masks as both a way to keep those around you safe, and a means to express your personal style. 

On top of that, washable cloth masks are comfortable and help the environment They’ll save you money in the long run -- since you can wash and reuse them, you won’t need to buy endless amounts. 

But there’s just one problem: which color mask should you choose?

As we see it, there are several ways to go about making this very important decision. Here are different questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What is your favorite color (or colors)?  

This is probably the easiest way to choose your face mask. We aren’t living in particularly fun times, but at least putting on your face mask can provide a pleasant pop of color, and a tiny bit of joy.

  1. What colors are in your wardrobe? 

One way we like to have fun with masks is to use their color or colors to complement whatever else we’re wearing. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean getting matchy. Rather, it’s a good idea to consider complementary colors. These pairs of colors, which are found opposite or nearly opposite each other on the color wheel, contrast in a harmonious way. 

For instance, if you wear a lot of yellow, our Blue Mosaic mask would be a great choice. Blue is nearly opposite yellow on the color wheel, and, additionally, the little spots of gold and red in the mask’s pattern will pick up and highlight your yellow outfit.

And don’t forget that neutral, basic colors like black, white, and beige go with any color scheme. In these cases, you can use the color of your mask to draw attention to your eyes, glasses, complexion, or hairstyle. For instance, try pairing our Sunny Red mask with a black shirt or dress. 

  1. Do you wear a lot of patterns? 

If you wear a lot of patterned clothes, be careful if you choose a mask that also has a pattern. Unless you’re an expert in the subtle art of mixing motifs, or you want to look a bit amusing (for instance, if you work with children or just want to make people smile), it’s probably best to opt for a mask with a subtle pattern or solid color. 

We love patterns at Meqnes, as you might have guessed, but if you’ve already got enough of that going on with your clothes, you can find our Simply Black mask, which offers the same quality fit and materials as our other masks, but in a solid color. Our Radiant Rose mask does feature a pattern, but since it’s shades of pink, you may be able to get away with that, as well.

  1. Should you make a statement?

Wearing a solid-colored mask when you have a pattern on your shirt, jacket, or dress, is a safe option. But sometimes even if you could go with a mask that has a motif, you shouldn’t.

Consider things like your work environment, an event you might be going to, and just what message you need to convey in general. If you don’t want to steal the spotlight from someone, or if you want to show grief, sadness, and other serious emotions, opt for a neutral, solid color, or a dark, subtle pattern. 

  1. Which colors look best with your complexion and eye color? 

One of the advantages of patterned face masks is that there are several colors that can set off or complement your complexion and eye color. But some complexions will look better with certain base colors than others. 

For instance, our Supernova mask might wash out pale skin, but would pop against a dark complexion. Or if you have ruddy skin, you may not want to wear our Sunny Red mask. 

Let’s say you want to bring out your eyes. Blue tones are great for blue eyes, and brown or black eyes can contrast nicely with red. And then  there’s pink, the color that looks great on just about anyone. 

  1. What speaks to you?

All of these questions will hopefully guide you to finding the perfect color mask or masks for you. But what’s most important is what makes you feel good. If you find a mask that makes your heart sing, that seems to perfectly express your personal style, we say – go for it!  

Our goal at Meqnes is to keep you safe but also soothe your spirit through the power of style. We know that when you put on something that makes you feel good, it can change your entire outlook on the day. And that’s exactly what we need right now.

What if you’ve asked yourself all of these questions and still can’t decide?  Well, if you like our Meqnes masks, there’s a solution for that, too. We offer 5- and 10 -packs with a selection of our most popular color patterns, so that you can pick and choose based on whatever you’re feeling or wearing on a particular day.

Whatever mask you decide is for you, thanks for wearing one. A mask isn’t a hazmat suit, but it can prevent droplets from your mouth or nose traveling to other people.

Stay safe and stylish!