Dear Meqnes Family, 

Exciting news! 

With the success of our unique, signature patterned Solidarity Safety Masks, we’ve decided to continue on this geometric path, with our take on one of our favorite stylish accessories.  


Our 100% Italian silk, 14 mm twill scarves is available in four color schemes that feature our signature Meqnes motif: 


Radiant Rose

Silk Scarf

Our signature Meqnes mosaic pattern blends into the soft pink of our radiant rose scarf. The “radiant” comes from you. Let the scarf’s color flatter your complexion and offer a gentle note of color to your day.

Gilded Brown 

Silk Scarf brown

Brown is usually considered neutral, but we think it’s anything but. In our Gilded Brown Meqnes scarf, the color strikingly sets off purple and gold tones, leaving an unforgettable impression – just like you will.

Sunny red

Silk Scarf red

Seize the day! Our Sunny Red scarf’s motif comes from our signature Meqnes pattern. Its colors were inspired by the qualities we most admire: boldness, passion, and sophistication.

Blue Mosaic

Silk Scarf BLUE

Daylight shines through a stained-glass window onto a wall of zellij tiles somewhere in Morocco. The sun sparkles on the surface of a far-away sea. Our Blue Mosaic scarf lets you carry that sunshine and those brilliant colors with you throughout your day.

Silk Scarf

The scarves’ rectangular shape and 33X180 cm length make them versatile: you can drape them over your shoulders or lapel, wear them in your hair or around your neck – even around your wrist. Let your creativity flow like silk.

Available on our website from today. See you there!

Love from,

Kamal and the Meqnes Team