The ultimate guide to leather belts

Let’s talk about belts.

Leather belts - iconic, practical and stylish all at once. Needless to say, we’re fans.

One of the things we love most about belts is how they’re a part of so many people’s everyday wardrobe, but the right choice of belt means so much more than functionality.

How about sophistication, elegance, and inspiration?

However you wear and style your belt, there are a few things you may not know about it - but should:

How to store a belt.

It turns out there’s a big debate in the belt world about this one.

Some people say leather belts should be hung vertically when stored. Others say they should be rolled. We at Meqnes are in the roll camp.

A rolled belt won’t get jostled around in your closet, won’t pick up dust, since you can store it in a drawer or box, and doesn’t take up undo space.

How to clean a leather belt.

If you need to clean a leather belt, dampen a cloth with warm water and just a little soap. Gently brush the cloth over your belt and then leave the belt out until it’s completely dry.

You probably won’t have to wash your belt very often. For maintenance purposes, you may want to do this once or twice a year, though.

leather belts by meqnes

How to make your belt last.

There are two key strategies to making a leather belt last: care and quality.

We’ve already talked about caring for and storing your leather belt. Doing those things properly will help your belt age well.

But quality is the foundation. Try to choose a belt that’s made of 100% leather. Synthetic materials and fabrics will wear out pretty quickly, especially if you’re wearing them often.

When you buy your belt, pay attention to any additional instructions the manufacturer or artisan gives you. For instance, some artisans might advise you to use oil on your leather belt. This isn’t always the case - our Meqnes leather belts, for example, are vegetable tanned and treated and won’t need oil - but it may be.

Like any fashion choice, choosing a quality belt should also be about love. Leather can last a very long time (and often it will develop a stunning, unique patina along the way), so you want to make sure you’re motivated to wear and care for your belt.

leather belts by meqnes

How to match your belt to the rest of your outfit.

When thinking about matching a belt with your outfit, there’s only one hard and fast rule: Make sure the buckle matches any other accessories or metallic tones you’re wearing.

Even then, maybe there are exceptions -- after all, fashion is about your individual tastes. We love to see bold yet elegant style choices. Still, mixing silver and gold is hard to pull off….

Luckily, if you’re in love with our Meqnes belts, we make interchangeable silver and gold buckles (both inspired by our unique, eye-catching logo), so you can wear your belt regardless of what other accessories you have on.

But belts are about more than buckles. The right one can let you make your look as eye-catching as you want. For instance, choose an unusual color like green or dark blue to draw people’s gaze.

Or pair a dark outfit with a light belt color like tan or white. You can also go the opposite route, accessorizing a light-colored suit or dress with a dark, eye-catching color like blue, green, or red.

However you choose to wear it, a belt should give you comfort and confidence, allowing you to show a little bit - or a lot - of your own unique, sophisticated elegance.


If you’ve already got the perfect belt, you’ll know what we mean. And if you’re still searching for it, feel free to peruse our new Meqnes belts.

Made of 100% Italian leather, they’re available in a range of colors - and each one is reversible, giving you even more styling options.

Paired with our silver or gold buckles inspired by our logo, Meqnes belts are unlike anything you’ve seen before, the perfect accessory for the unique, stylish individual that you are.

Now that you know why belts are one of the best accessories (if you didn’t already), and how best to care for yours, why not create a new look with your favorite belt?

Yours in style,

Kamal & The Meqnes Team