8 things we love about belts

Earlier this month, we released our Meqnes belts.

Made of 100% Italian leather in a range of colors so that you’ll be able to find the one that’s perfect for your wardrobe, Meqnes belts are reversible, giving you even more style options.

Between these features and our unique buckle inspired by our logo, we know Meqnes belts will turn heads and start conversations. In fact, our founder, Kamal, and some lucky early customers have already experienced this firsthand!

Meqnes has been producing luxury leather goods for a while. But belts have a special place in our hearts.

Here are 8 reasons why we love belts

1. They’re dependable

A belt is pretty much guaranteed to do its job holding up your trousers or skirt. A quality leather belt is an even better bet - it will hold up to constant wear and will gain a beautiful patina doing it.

2. They’re full of potential

Maybe you want a belt that does its job and blends into the background. Or maybe you want a belt that makes a statement and draws everyone’s eye. You can have either - or even style a subtle belt in an eye-catching way from time to time, if you’re feeling your look.

3. They can help you show off

If you want to cinch in a bulky outfit to make it more flattering, or draw eyes to your waist, a belt is just the thing.

4. They can totally transform a look

Pair a basic suit with a belt in an unusual color or with an eye-catching buckle (or both) and suddenly you’ve gone from just another “suit” to someone worth talking to! Cinch that bulky, shapeless dress with a belt and suddenly you’ve got a sophisticated, flattering look that people will remember.

leather belts by meqnes

5. They can inspire style

Designing our Meqnes belts, from the unique buckle to the reversible color combinations, we let our imaginations soar, imagining so many styling possibilities.

6. They’re a subtle way to accessorize

Some people love to get bedecked in bling, but others are uncomfortable with the idea. If you’re in the second group, but still want to give your outfit some eye-catching shine, the right belt buckle is the perfect solution.

Choose a unique shape and pair it with a belt color that brings out the rest of your look, and you can shine as much on the outside as you do on the inside, without excessive accessorizing.

7. They’re easy to pack 

Limited luggage space? Bring a belt! The right one can change an outfit enough so that you won’t mind wearing it again. Opt for a reversible option, like our Meqnes belt, for even more possibilities, without taking up any more space.

8. They’re easy to store

Whether you’ve got a dressing rack or an entire dressing room where you keep your clothes and accessories, belts don’t take up a lot of space. All the more impressive when you consider how much they can bring to an outfit.


If you weren’t already in love with belts, we hope this list has made you reconsider.

Whether you’re looking for your first amazing belt or want a unique addition to the belts you own, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for with a Meqnes belt.

Available in a variety of color combinations and two interchangeable gold and silver buckles as well, Meqnes’ sophisticated, unforgettable belts offer a wealth of styling possibilities.

Stylish. Versatile. Unique. That’s how we describe both Meqnes belts, and those who wear them.