Mother's Day: Celebrating All Mothers Around The World... In Style

Moms take on so many different roles, from nurturers to, well, ordinary human beings with everyday joys, frustrations, and needs.

At Meqnes, we see Mother’s Day as the perfect time to celebrate moms for everything they do, every day.

Thank you, moms, for being….

- hardworking, taking care of us while pursuing your career and dreams.

- loving. Thanks for putting up with us, even when we drive you crazy!

- inspirational. You do so much every day, and remain your own person while giving so much of your time and heart to us. How do you do it?

Leather Laptop Sleeve + Silk Scarf

At Meqnes, we believe in adding style and luxury to everyday life. And in keeping with that idea, we think we’ve come up with the perfect gifts for moms everywhere.

To celebrate her dedication to her dreams and hobbies

Whether that’s her career, posting photos, writing a novel, or simply keeping in touch with her friends and family, help her keep her laptop safe with one of our leather laptop sleeves.

Available in a choice of 8 colors, it’s easy to find one to suit your mom’s particular taste.

To celebrate her softer side

The love she has for you and her family, the stylish way she dresses up when she goes out with friends, the way she makes an impression on colleagues and clients - we suggest one of our Meqnes scarves.

Made of 100% silk, it will be a soft, colorful addition to her wardrobe, a gentle caress in her everyday life.

We’re happy to honor moms on Mother’s Day - and every day.

Stop by our shop to find the perfect gift for your mom, and find a few savings in her honor, too.

Yours in style,