Laptop sleeves are our favorite accessories - here’s 5 reasons why you need one

Laptop sleeves are our favorite accessories, wherever we’re working from.

Whether you’re out in the world or still stuck at home, your laptop can find its way into some dangerous situations.

For instance:

- Falls

laptop falls

If you own a laptop, you know there are two kinds of bad falls: The totally catastrophic kind that will break your device beyond repair, and one of those little falls that can cause minor but annoying damage.

One of our team recently experienced the latter and now the hinge connecting her keyboard to her screen isn’t doing the same job it used to.

Unfortunately for her, we hadn’t come out with our Meqnes laptop sleeves yet.

Our sleek but soft leather holder probably would have kept her laptop safe from that little bump that’s caused so much trouble.

- Spills


laptop spills

Where do you keep your laptop when you’re not using it? Some of us set it down anywhere – the kitchen table, say, or the floor by the sofa.

Unfortunately, as you might have learned the hard way, those are places where there might be precariously perched drinks nearby. One little tip or misstep and it’s all over…your laptop.

- Curious kids and pets

Right now, a lot of us are working from home. Besides having an important video call invaded by your pet, kid, or oblivious roommate, another current occupational hazard is what happens if your pet or kid gets a little curious about your laptop.

Drooling, biting, drawing, or data erasure may ensue. Fortunately, with their lack of opposable thumbs, pets can’t get into a laptop sleeve, and most little kids would struggle to get a laptop out of one. That’s what we call workplace safety in 2021.

- Bag detritus

The appeal of the laptop has always been portability. You can just slide your laptop into your bag and go wherever life takes you.

But how clean is your bag?

Even the most fastidious among us probably have some crumbs or dust at the bottom of their carry-all of choice. You may get lucky and never have a problem, but it’s more likely you’ll one day experience the terror of a jammed-up jacks or crumbs in your keyboard.

It’s a bad way to start a work or email session -- and also a reminder that no matter how slim but sturdy it may be, your laptop could still use some protection.

- Forgetting the power of first impressions

Maybe it’s because you’re getting reacquainted with things like not working in pajama pants. Or maybe you haven’t yet discovered the pure joy that a stylish, unique accessory can bring to your life – not to mention the way it make an impression on others.

When you have a meeting with a client, you simply take your laptop out of your bag and get things started. But what if you slid it out of your bag encased in a stunning leather laptop sleeve?

The sophisticated protection you’ve given your laptop implies that who you are and what you do might be even more important than your client thought.

And after that meeting, they’ll probably still think about it at certain moments – the elegance of that gesture, the beauty of the design, and your unique sense of style.

Now you know why you need a laptop sleeve. But why a Meqnes laptop sleeve in particular?

At Meqnes, combining everyday functionality and exceptional elegance is what inspires us most.

The Meqnes laptop case is handcrafted from premium Italian top-grain leather and is available in your choice of 8 colors. Lined with our unique Moroccan-inspired pattern, it’s an accessory that lets you make an unforgettable impression.

Our laptop sleeves’ aesthetic qualities are also something special just for you.

You’ll love its smooth touch and the way your favorite color harmonizes with everything around you.

And all of these good things won’t weigh you down. At only 1 millimeter thick, the

Meqnes laptop case is like a second skin for your laptop – one that will protect it from small falls, spills, and other minor everyday mishaps.

Whether you’re traveling, in the office, or still staying home, let our Meqnes laptop sleeve help you keep your laptop safe and add a note of stylish elegance to your day.

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