Meqnes is back in the pages of Vanity Fair UK

Dear Meqnes Family,

We’ve got some exciting news to share: Meqnes is back in the pages of Vanity Fair UK!

After our write-up in the November 2021 issue, we’re featured in our favorite magazine’s December/Holiday issue.

This time, the spotlight is on our Meqnes silk scarves, whose timeless elegance garners praise.

It’s a fitting spotlight for an accessory we love year-round and find especially suited for holiday gift-giving.

A silk scarf makes an immediate impression in two ways. Its softness is like a loving caress. And it shows that you think the person you’re giving it to has a unique style that you want to celebrate.

Available in 11 different colorful motifs, all based on our distinctive logo, made of 100% Italian silk and 100% sure to catch admiring glances, there’s a perfect Meqnes scarf for everyone on your holiday gift list.

Stop by our shop today to find the perfect scarf for your friends, loved ones, clients, or even yourself (after all, it’s been a hard year and you deserve a luxurious treat!).

And if you’re looking for the perfect accessories to pair with a Meqnes scarf, we’ve got plenty to inspire you, from our celebrated leather bags, laptop sleeves, cardholders, and key rings, to our phone cases and face masks. Or, for a more relaxed look, shop our new Street Loungewear Collection.

As we head towards 2022, things are still much less certain than we’d all hoped.

But one thing that we know for sure at Meqnes is that a little bit of color and elegance can add some much-needed distraction, beauty, and cheer to tough times.

That’s what keeps us innovating and creating, finding new ways for you to express yourself through our unique, elegant accessories.

Here’s to a happy and hopeful holiday season.

Yours in Style,