How to choose the perfect weekender bag

One of the toughest things about travel is that there are so many variables involved. Did you get the best deal on airfare? Will you even get to the airport on time? Is your hotel or rental going to look the way it did online?

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Luckily, there is one thing I can help you with: What bag to bring.

If you’re headed away for a few days, a weekender is probably going to be the perfect fit. It’s large enough to carry all of your essentials, plus a few extras, but small enough to fit into an overhead compartment.

But just as there are lots of travel options out there, you’ll also find a lot of weekender bags, too. So which one is right for you? Before you buy (or fly), here are some things to consider:

– What kind of trip are you going on? If you’re looking to make a good impression professionally, romantically, or just in general, a quality leather weekender will do the trick. The best part is, no matter how much you use a bag like this, it only gets better with time. The way you hold it and use it will ultimately create areas of discoloration called a “patina” that will be unique to you and your experiences, yet universally appealing.

– Can it fit your stuff? The right bag should be sort of magical: You should be able to fit a lot into it, but it should still be small enough to easily carry and stow. Unless you have specific paraphernalia, like skis or a guitar, a weekender once again fits the bill.

– Can it survive rough handling? Travel’s about movement – of your bags as well as you. Your suitcase is going to be jostled, bumped, banged, and squeezed, so you’ve got to make sure it won’t tear, rip, or simply fall apart. Leather is the way to go. It’s strong, sturdy, and can basically last forever if you make sure to moisturize it now and then.

– Is it water resistant? Much as I love leather bags, I have to admit, they do have a downside: They’re not waterproof. So if you’re planning on taking your bag white water rafting, opt for one adapted to outdoor activities, which would usually be waterproof. On the other hand, if the worst water exposure you’re going to get is a little bit of rain, a sturdy, nice-looking leather bag is still a good choice. Leather can be weatherproofed, which makes it water resistant.

– Is it comfortable? A bag seems like a pretty simple thing – you put your stuff in it, grab the handles, and go. But anyone who’s traveled knows that not all handles are created equal. Some are going to dig into your palms and fingers, while others are going to be soft and supple, letting you get to where you’re going without wondering if you’ll have a blister somewhere. So all that to say, before you buy a bag, have a very good look at the handles. Find out what they’re made of and see if the company is touting them as being comfortable. Check out online reviews if you can, too. You’ll save yourself a lot of aches and pains in the long run. It’s also good to make sure your bag has a detachable shoulder strap, which will give you more options and also keep your hands be free when you need them for other things.

– How does it look? You might find a bag that ticks all the boxes. It’s great for everything I’ve mentioned, and more. But does it look good? This may seem like a ridiculous and unnecessary question, but let me tell you from experience, if you’re carrying luggage that looks great and maybe even turns heads, it makes you feel like a million bucks. You walk straighter and faster down those airport or train station hallways. You get appreciative glances from fellow travelers. It’s the perfect way to make travel jitters melt away. Not to mention set off on unexpected adventures…. I’ve had some great conversations over the years that started up because of something I was wearing or a bag I was carrying. It’s amazing how looking sleek and stylish can open people up to you. Maybe it’s because when you look good, you feel it and you’re a bit more confident and open to the world. This is why, once again, I’d say a well-made leather weekender is the best choice. Extra points if the color matches your shoes, or sets off your clothes well.

When you run a men’s fashion company, it can be hard to seem sincere.

When I recommend my products to people, they may think it’s all about money for me. But it’s really about something else: I love the feeling I get when I look good, and I want to pass that on to others. Maybe you could say it’s even a bit of a selfish thing. I want to live in a world where everyone looks glamorous all the time. So when I tell you that my Meqnes bag is the perfect weekender, I hope you’ll believe me. If not, here are the facts:

Made of Moroccan leather, famous for its long tradition of quality, the Meqnes weekender is roomy on the inside, yet compact.

From its strong zipper, to the suppleness of its leather, it’ll hold everything you reasonably need without making you worried it’s going to burst open.

That same suppleness easily helps it get through all the bumps, drops, and squeezes of travel, without a dent, rip, or tear.

But what about water? Most leather bags require you to do the weatherproofing yourself. But we’ve done it for you. The Meqnes weekender comes ready to travel, so you don’t have to waste time before heading out on your next adventure.

And even though you’ll be carrying your important things in a very important bag, you won’t feel it much. The Meqnes weekender’s soft leather handles are padded, so that they’re easy to grip and won’t dig into your hands. And the detachable leather shoulder strap will go easy on you, too.

As for style, well, I think the Meqnes weekender speaks for itself.

Available in two colors (bullet black and Sahara brown), it’s inspired by travel bags of bygone eras, as well as the sleekness of current men’s fashion. Whether you’re off to a rustic country bed and breakfast, or the hottest address in the city, your Meqnes weekender will fit in, yet admirably single you out as the discerning gentleman you are.

So plan your next trip and grab a Meqnes weekender to take along with you. You can thank me later.


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