Meqnes 'Simply Black' mask is... HERE!

We’re moved and amazed by the huge amount of love we’ve gotten for our Meqnes Safety Solidarity Masks. It’s not just a numbers game; so many of our clients have sent us mask selfies.

We’re proud that our masks help keep people safe but also let them express themselves with a touch of unique style.

Still, we know there are some of you who want to keep things simple. Whether you’re at work, outside, or on your commute, you want to look elegant without immediately standing out.

You asked. We listened.

Presenting the Meqnes Simply Black face mask.

The same design as our other masks.

Made from the same material: machine-washable 100% Premium Cotton with OEKO-TEX standard 100.

Helping the community in the same way, with our pledge to donate one mask to a senior citizen in our home city of Warsaw, Poland, for every mask you buy.

The same Meqnes mask. Just black. Simply black.

Enter code SimplyBlack15 at checkout for 15% OFF! 

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