#ThrowBack: The Meqnes story featured on Poland’s most-watched television show!

Dear Meqnes Family,

Good news. Kamal our CEO/co-Founder and the Meqnes story have been featured on one of Poland’s most-watched television shows “Dzień Dobry TVN.” 

Watch the video below:

Here’s a translation of the accompanying article:

(Click here for the link to the spot and the story)

Kamal Jahid is a Moroccan who has been living in Poland since 2008. After arriving in Poland, he changed his look, and launched a group of high-growth fashion businesses. He spoke with reporters from TVN about his success. Kamal was born in Morocco.

During a university event on global internship programs more than a decade ago, he met some students from Warsaw who told him about “the good life” in Poland, and he stayed in touch with them.

One day, they sent him an e-mail saying there was a company looking for someone who spoke Arabic and French, and invited him to come to Poland.

It wasn’t an obvious choice--Kamal knew nothing about Poland. But in the end, he decided to come. His grandfather heard the big news that he’d be moving to Poland and gifted him the one warm thing he had in his closet: a big parka. So he packed his parka in his suitcase and took off.

And then his life changed.

“I met so many wonderful people, had such a good time, and was truly happy. I could be myself. I was just free.”
From the outset, he decided to change up his look. He grew a beard, started working out and took on a more elegant approach to dressing.
“There is power in suits. Every time I put one on I feel like I’m the boss and I can do whatever I want.”
During this metamorphosis, he decided to start his business.
“I became a stylist and life coach. I’ve changed the lives of many, many of my clients.”
Then he expanded. He started making silk and linen pocket squares from Moroccan fabrics, and then leather bags which connect Moroccan designs and Polish and Italian leather and hardware. He started selling in Poland, and then began shipping around the world, to Japan, Brazil and Australia, just to name a few of his biggest markets. Kamal is very happy in Poland.