The Wait is OVER... We Are Back!

Dear Meqnes Family,

And...We're BACK!! The wait is over, and the Meqnes online store is back in business.

The last few weeks have seen an unprecedented surge in demand for our products. We've never seen anything like it. And we are expecting it to happen again. Last time we opened back up we sold out in two days.

We're a small company that has pushed through the growing pains, and are happy to announce we will be sending out our next batch of products next week on Monday.

We have worked for the last few years developing products on a set of simple principles: uncompromising quality, and combining Moroccan styles with European materials. It is so gratifying to be able to send those products, including our new face coverings and wallets, all over the world to customers.

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We are proud to have also given back to the community...

and even had the good fortune to bestow a mask on a veteran of the Polish resistance during the Second World War. We love showing respect to the greatest generation and keeping them safe in the process. It was our honor to meet Jerzy (George).

Our customers come from all over the world carrying many different stories.

We were touched by this picture from a beautiful family in France, that wrote:

My son hates wearing the standard disposable masks we have, but when he saw the bright colors and patterns of our new Meqnes masks, he got really excited! He's a kid with a lot of personality and loves sharing that with the world. This mask is another way for him to do that, it turns out. So now, we can both be safe and stylish here in Paris.”

Having started to catch up with the demand we can now announce...

We are back in stock.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. And as you get your products... keep us in the loop with pictures :)

Love and health,

David & Kamal.

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