The Savvy Gentleman’s Weekend Trip Guide

I’ve done many things in my life so far, but traveling’s been a constant.

I don’t see trips as annoying slogs through airports and train stations – I see them as the opportunity to discover something new, and to look stylish doing it. Travel gear, clothes and shoes, and even baggage should be functional and sturdy, above all. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looking great just because you’re away from your home base.

Here are some must-haves for the savvy, stylish traveler.

A go-to pair of shoes. These should be comfortable enough to walk around in, but also able to be dressed up for a night out. My favorites for this are Chelsea boots. They’re sleek, keep your feet protected from bad weather and questionable puddles, and go with everything.

A versatile pair of sandals. Look around for a pair that’s both classy-looking, and comfortable. Ideally, this means they’re leather (Or look like it), a sober color, and are slip-ons, not tongs or athletic-looking strappy deals. If you’re going to be on the beach all day and want those tongs, then go for it and bring a loafer or espadrille for heading out at night.

Travel toiletries will that you can keep in your carry-on bag without a problem. You can find travel-size bottles in all sorts of stores, online and in real life. Check for ones that are compliant with airport security regulations. Or, if you don’t want to collect bottles bit by bit, invest in a men’s travel kit, which will give you a set of security-approved travel containers and bottles, plus a toiletry bag to stow them in.

A way to stay on point with your grooming. Keep your facial hair up to snuff with a men’s travel shaving kit. Like the general travel kit I mentioned, many of these are airport security compatible, although it is always good to check.

– An independent charger. When traveling – especially with a small bag for a short trip – say “No!” to excessive amounts of chargers, not to mention that often desperate search for a jack or outlet when you arrive at your destination. A solar travel charger lets you be your own man when it comes to powering up your electronics.

– A refreshing lack of entanglements. Ah, the misery of tangled wires in your bag. A small, lightweight travel cord organizer will make it all go away. Choose one in leather for the ultimate stylish attention to detail.

Sound and silence. A good set of headphones is a definite travel plus. Especially if they’re noise-cancelling as well.

A toiletry bag. Even if you want to or can bring regular-sized toiletry items on your trip, opt for a nice-looking toiletry bag. It’ll keep your stuff easy to find, and prevent bottles from leaking onto other things. Plus, it feels so much cooler to place a neat bag by your hotel bathroom sink, rather than a messy pile of bottles and brushes.

Sun protection. Even if you’re just planning to stroll around sunny city streets for a weekend, sun protection is a must. It’ll keep your skin from getting old before its time, and then there’s that little bonus cancer prevention angle, too. Nowadays, there are a lot of skin care and sunblock products on the market, and the ones adapted for everyday use don’t feel greasy or heavy on your skin.

A great pair of sunglasses. Sure, there are some brands and iconic pairs that everyone seems to love, but even if you’ve got an incredibly low budget, you can probably still find a pair that looks reasonably good. The key is to pay attention to style, especially how well the glasses fit with yours. And it’s worth finding out which kind(s) look best with your face shape, which you can determine with a few minutes online.

Documents within reach. Have you ever stumbled and fumbled for your passport, looking and feeling like a frantic mess? It’s happened to us all. But say goodbye to those dark days with a simple trick: Invest in a document organizer. This can be anything from a small folder, to a handsome leather number. It’s worth it to keep your papers in one place and easily in reach, so that you can breeze through security, customs, hotel check-in, and just about anything else your trip will throw at you.

A wrinkle-free plan. Ideally, if you’re traveling with a suit, you’ve got it in a garment bag. But if that’s not possible, don’t worry– there are lots of different strategies for packing a suit. Check out some online video tutorials to choose the one you like best. Whichever option you go with, it’s probably not going to completely prevent wrinkles. When you arrive at your destination, see if there’s an iron available. Set it to “steam” (or sprinkle a little water on the suit and shirt) and get to work! If this isn’t an option, hang the suit and shirt neatly on hangers and bring them into the bathroom. Take a hot shower that make the room steamy, and smooth out the creases.

Powerful knowledge. If you’re traveling to another country, check the voltage before you leave. Many devices, like laptops, often only need a plug head adapter. Using a converter with these might even damage them.

A two-for-one look. For daytime sightseeing, match your versatile shoes with fitted, dark-colored jeans and a neutral (just a color or pattern, no logo, etc.) t-shirt. If it’s cold, wear a hoodie or sweater over it. Then, when it’s time to head out to a trendy bar or restaurant, replace the hoodie or sweater with a blazer and you’re good to go.

The right socks. Please, please, please don’t wear gym socks with anything but gym or hiking shoes and for anything other than some kind of athletic activity. Otherwise, a neutral pair of black socks is fine. But if you’re feeling dangerous, why not take things up a notch and choose a color or subtly patterned (NO cartoon characters, crude drawings, enormous hearts, etc.!) pair to make your look pop? Solid red socks often do this perfectly.

Now that you know what you need, what bag should you use?

Personally, I’d suggest our Meqnes weekender.

It’s compact enough to take anywhere, but has plenty of space inside. We’ve also paid attention to smaller details, like a quality zipper and soft leather handles that go easy on your palms. If you need to be hands-free, there’s also a detachable leather shoulder strap, so you can travel how you need to – and always look great.

Because that’s part of the mission of the Meqnes weekender, too. Travel should be easy, but why not look amazing when you’re on the go? A sophisticated bag makes you feel that much more confident, and cuts down on stress at least a little. Plus, it can lead to some amazing conversations and opportunities. Dressing and accessorizing with style has led to everything from business deals, to dates, for me. I highly recommend it.

To help you look your best, the Meqnes bag is available in 3 colors, bullet black, Atlas Blue and Sahara brown. It’s made of Moroccan leather, famous for its quality. Moisturize your bag from time to time, and it could last a lifetime, developing a fine patina from the way you hold it.

It’ll be a testament to your travels, which are sure to be something special with this bag by your side.